Keep That Farm Machine Working Efficiently

Farming is easier now more than ever, thanks to various equipment and machinery. However, no matter how good or knowledgeable the farmer is, it is important to keep farm machinery in good condition.

Below are some of the things you can do to keep your machinery running like new:

Follow the guidelines on proper use

Regardless of whether you are purchasing new equipment or an old one, you should check the manual so you could use the equipment efficiently. Additionally, when buying second-hand rotary hay rakes for sale, make sure to check parts, such as the tines on the rake and the gearbox. Properly using your machine is the most effective way to keep it in good shape.

Clean your machinery

Regularly check on filters, knobs, and seals to make sure they are clean. Power washing is the best method to clean your machines. Make sure nothing is stuck in between spaces that are prone to dirt accumulation. Accumulated dirt is one of the main causes of machines malfunctioning and breaking.

Check regularly

Most manuals include a checklist on how to maintain your equipment. Make sure you are familiar with it and do it religiously. Regularly checking your machine from top to bottom can help you notice changes and irregularities and prevent any damage from becoming severe.

Proper storage

Although farming is an activity that makes you work under the sun for long periods of time, your machine should be kept in a cool and dry place. Too much heat exposure can make rubber tyres brittle in no time. Too much moisture, on the other hand, makes your machine prone to rust.

For many farmers, taking good care of their equipment not only makes their job easier but also becomes a good investment in the end.