Love at First Sight: Awesome Packaging Builds Your Brand Identity

Not judging a book by its cover is not applicable in advertising. After all, the first thing that people look at is the packaging of a product. What most high-end brands seek is designing their products with luxury packaging, which definitely draws customer attention.

Before enjoying the actual features of the product, customers must first be enraptured by the packaging—love at first sight! Most buyers admit to getting the one with more attractive packaging if they are not sure what to pick. Also, when the packaging is better, even for old brands, they want to buy it even more.

For those want to build their brand through packaging, what are some important things to remember?

  1. Packaging is the first thing people see. They will judge your product based on its outside appearance so make sure to make it count.
  2. Branding is composed of many details and is a product of studies but if you have a company that can offer you a luxury packaging design, by all means hire their expertise. It will go the long way.
  3. Imagine what Coca-Cola or McDonald’s would be like without their impressive packaging of their products? Their brand identity would not have been that strong.
  4. Packaging must be informative, especially for the meticulous customers who really check the ingredients in the packaging. Packaging isn’t just for advertising. It is to inform customers of what they need to know. It is an important part of packaging.
  5. The fonts matter. Fonts are a part of good packaging. You may have a beautiful design and logo, but if the words that are important are not read, then it defeats its purpose.
  6. Less is more. The best packaging designs are memorable. It won’t stand out if there are too many elements.
  7. Show your true colors. Colors are a part of the message. It is true that graphic artists should have creative freedom, but colors mean something. For example, orange is said to be an appetite stimulant so it is encouraged the food brands incorporate orange in their logo or restaurant. On the other hand, blue promotes freshness and cleanliness so it is not really something you would want to put in food that has barbecue flavor.
  8. Know your target market. Sometimes the world is your market. Sometimes, it is just a small group of people. Create your packaging that will leave a huge impact on your market.
  9. The appeal is in the seal. Approval for a brand begins with the first thing they see. A person who falls in love is initially attracted to the person’s outside appearance. Keep this in mind when you make your brand seal. Best to do with a reliable partner to create your luxury brand packaging.
  10. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Be bold, be brave.

When you say put your best foot forward, they were probably talking about packaging. It is true that it is what is on the inside that counts, but definitely, everything begins with an eye-catching box or an awesome-looking wrapper.