Effective Ways to Promote Your Veterinary Practice and Grow Your Client Base

In the private sector alone, the total number of veterinary practices in the United States has reached 68,213 at the end of 2016. This doesn’t even include the 114,262 public and corporate positions veterinarians held.

Statistics shows how tight the competition is when it comes to animal health care services. As for your practice, this means you need to improve your advertising and marketing efforts to attract new clients while also fostering better relationships with existing ones.

The Roles Promotional Products Play in Meeting These Goals

Promotional giveaways have long established their power and effectiveness at spreading the good news about professionals and businesses. Studies have consistently shown that majority of consumers like receiving these items, particularly those with useful advertising messages.

The Impact on Consumer Behavior

Researchers also found that when advertisers combine their other marketing media with promotional products, the overall effectiveness goes up by 44%. It also increases referral rate by 500%, much higher than what a simple appeal letter can draw. And to top it all off, consumers believe that these items pave the way for more favorable impressions of the advertiser, more than half of the time.

Knowing just how big of an impact promotional products have on your practice and your potential clients, you should start considering giving them away now. You can further increase your return on investment by working with a reputable company that supplies custom promotional products for veterinarians. Ask Positive Impressions, LLC how.

Custom Gifts

You can use these custom items in many ways. One is to build better relationships with your existing customers. Show them how you value their patronage by giving them customized gifts for their birthday or for their beloved pet. Make sure you give them something they will find useful, such as animal health care products.

There is no doubt promotional items can help your veterinary practice succeed. Use them wisely and you will soon find yourself attending to the needs of a growing number of clients.