The Next Best Thing In Tattoo Art: A Survey

Back in the good old days, wearing tattoos meant either you were recently released from prison or you are off to one, at least, eventually. Now people from all walks of life have tats or plan to get one. From pop stars to members of royal families, tattoos have become a popular means of self-expression.

If you are planning to have your first tattoo or a new one to add to your growing collection, here are tattoo trends from three different sources, rounded up by the good people from High Voltage Tattoo.

From Seventeen

According to the writers of Seventeen, tiny hip and inner arm tattoos are all the rage these days. Considering the magazine’s target market is high-school kids, advocating small tats on discreet places is, of course, quite apt, if a little prudish.

Other increasingly popular trends include hyper-realistic tattoos. And since this is Seventeen, they believe there’s a rise in the popularity of cosmetic tattoos as well.

From MTV

If you are a Gen Xer or someone born on the cusp of the Gen X and Y coordinates, you are mostly likely familiar with MTV. In case you’re not, it’s a channel that plays music videos.

Yes, even MTV has its take on what skin art trends are up to nowadays. And as expected from a remnant of a generation rid of the excesses common to millennials, the Gen Xers from MTV are all for simple, delicate, and minimal designs. Think of flowers in mere outlines or a TV set with antennae poking out.

From Inked

For the magazine dedicated to tattoo and tattooing, specific designs that are getting more exposure these days include dolphins, pocket watches and compasses, trash polka, lacework, cyborg reveals, dotwork, and Mandalas. As to what you should steer clear from, think barbed wires, butterflies, and fairies for starters. 

These trends are mere recommendations. On deciding what kind of tattoo to get, you ought to listen to yourself lest you end up with one that does not look good on you or out of fashion.