3 Things to Know About Auto Repairs Before Buying a Car

If you had your way, your car would never be dirty, let alone damaged by a hailstorm or an accident. It would never know paint scratches and oxidation, and it would simply run forever.

But damage to car paint, dents, and scratches are a sad reality the moment you drive your car out of the dealership. That being the case, here are a few pieces of helpful advice for new car owners.

Find a Good Mechanic’s Shop

This is something most new car buyers miss, so they take their car to different mechanics at different times. Find a Sussex auto body shop that you can trust like Merton Auto Body. Choose one that has lots of experience in repairing, painting, etc. a car like yours. The major advantage is the mechanic knows your car’s history, so they know where to look and figure out a problem more quickly. The second (probable) advantage is you may become a friend or preferred customer of the shop, which may get you some discounts and freebies. Plus, they are less likely to do shoddy work if they value your business.

Get Comprehensive Insurance

There are types of damage that insurers will not cover unless you have a comprehensive insurance policy, so it is beneficial to pay for one. This is especially important if your area is prone to some natural phenomena like hail. Hail and glass insurance may cost quite a bit, but if your vehicle gets caught in a nasty hailstorm, it will cost a lot more to pay out of pocket for repairs.

Have Your Car Serviced Immediately

Whatever damage your car has sustained, of whatever issues with the electrical, motor, etc. that you encounter, take it to the shop for repairs as soon as possible (make sure to call your insurance provider FIRST). A small dent or scratch may look negligible until you notice rust beginning to form. Corrosion can easily go from an aesthetic to a mechanical and safety issue. That weird noise you hear may escalate from a minor annoyance to a major expense or even to your car ending up in a junkyard.

A small dent may look like nothing, but if you want to be extra sure, have your mechanic take a look at it. Immediately visiting the repair shop may be the difference between having a properly running car to having no car at all.