Installing Frameless Shower Enclosures: What’s In It For You

Modern bathroom interior with frameless shower enclosureDo you have a lavish bathroom remodelling idea that involves installing a glass enclosure around your shower or bathtub area, but you do not know where to begin? Well, there is no doubt frameless showers will make a good choice, as they are the hottest trend in home and building remodelling.

United Glass discusses the reasons behind the growing popularity of frameless showers.

They are durable, with minimal maintenance

Manufacturers use thick, hardened and tempered glass to make these frameless systems. This makes the glass sturdy, safe and more durable than traditional shower enclosures. Frameless showers have watertight seals with little to no metal support and joinery parts, so you do not have to worry about corrosion that increases maintenance costs.

Their design is sleek and open

Unlike traditional shower enclosures that have defined spaces, frameless glass enclosures make spaces to look open and elegant. The seamless design enhances the size of smaller bathrooms, as you can visually interact with all elements around your bathroom.

They enhance design creativity

With a frameless glass shower, you have better flexibility when coordinating plumbing fixtures and other items in your bathroom to suit a particular style. You can likewise switch between remodelling plans with ease without having to worry about matching colours and designs.

They enhance your property’s resale value

Whilst the initial cost of installing a frameless glass shower is usually high, you get a quick return on investment when you decide to sell your property. You can be sure that upgrading your bathroom will increase your home’s resale value, and having a frameless glass shower is an extremely desirable feature you should add.

If you are looking for a design that will give a sleek, modern and elegant look to your bathroom, frameless showers will make a good option to consider. You probably have considered the framed alternative, but if you are interested in having a more open and airy design, a frameless enclosure will do the trick.