Hail: Devastating Cause of Car Paint Damage

You invested a lot in your car, so you want to make sure it holds up its value as much as possible. You take good care of it and make sure it undergoes routine, professional maintenance and service. However, one thing you can’t control that can seriously damage your vehicle’s body is inclement weather, especially hail storms.

Merton Auto Body explains that damage brought about by hail storms in the United States costs billions of dollars, and many insurers pay them out for vehicular damage settlements. In Sussex, auto body repair shops fix many damages caused by hail storms.

Hail and the Damage It Brings

While snow and hail both classify as ice formations, the latter is much heavier. So when hundreds of hailstones come raining down on an unprotected automobile, you can expect serious damage, including body dents and glass breakages. The most common type of damage hail causes is evident in the paint.

Ruined Paint Warrants Restoration

If a hailstorm battered your car, you should know that a Sussex auto body shop can restore the paint job to its once pristine condition.

With a professionally carried out paint restoration, you can make your ride look new again. In fact, regardless of the cause of the paint damage, highly experienced auto body specialists can get rid of the unsightly marks on your car. Make sure that you bring it in for repairs as soon as possible, as delays can promote the development of rust and corrosion.

Your Paint Repair Options

Although time is of the essence when it comes to auto body repairs, you still want to have some basic knowledge of what your paint job options are. This way, you can set a more appropriate budget, and if possible, invest in a much better choice.

For instance, you might want to bypass basic paint and opt for a service using longer-lasting, more durable materials. Going to a body shop knowledgeable and aware of your options will help you make a wiser, more financially-sound decision.