Types Of Hazardous Goods That Need Special Transportation

The multitude of hazardous goods in the world, coupled up with the complexity of their natures, makes safety and health compliance a difficult task to achieve.

However, there are special logistics companies, such as hazardous transporters in Utah, who are well equipped to offer specific customers’ hazardous transportation needs.

If you are wondering whether your goods are dangerous for transport, read on to know more.


This category of goods has the capability to detonate as a result of a chemical reaction. The detonation of these products can lead to the production of harmful gases, light, heat, and smoke. These emissions are at high pressures and speeds, which end up causing catastrophic damage to the environment.

The explosives that require special transportation include flares, fireworks, ammunition, detonators, primers, and igniters among others.


These are goods that are gaseous at 20°C standard atmospheric pressure, have a vapor pressure at 300 kPa or greater at 50°C. These gases include; liquefied gases, refrigerated liquefied gases, compressed gasses, and dissolved gasses.

Gases pose a danger as they have the capability to oxidize, release toxins, and corrode, not to mention that they have high flammability and are potential asphyxiants.

Toxic and Infectious Substances

Toxic category of goods is capable of causing serious injuries or even death to people. These toxins cause diverse effects if inhaled, swallowed, or contact by skin. On the other hand, infectious substances are known to contain pathogens that can cause illnesses to humans or animals.

These substances include; clinical wastes, medical/biomedical wastes, acids, nicotine, lead compounds, chloroform, and phenol among others.

For you to effectively handle transportation of the above categories of hazardous goods, you need a logistics company that can do proper packing, packaging, and transport without compromising the compliance to rules and regulations.