Unique Safety Features of Bendpak 4 Car Lifts

Reputable car or truck lift manufacturers today are always on the lookout for ways on how to improve the safety of their products. They also keep on developing and adding more secure and better lifting methods.   JMC Equipment suggests that when considering Bendpak 4 post lift prices, keep in mind that the price tag is inclusive of the following safety features:

Anti-Sway Blocks

A 4-post car lift relies on the columns to handle the lifting structure through chains or cables. The columns share the load in equal amounts. It is not a rigid structure. Thus, it was not uncommon for older models to somewhat sway when raising or lowering a vehicle. Anti-sway blocks help maintain proper spacing and limit swaying. It is important to engage the safety locks at all times, and that each column holds 25% of the total weight.

Hydraulic Flow Restrictor

Hydraulic car lifts have specialized flow restrictors added into the hydraulic system. These help control rapid, sudden descent in case there is a hydraulic component failure. These are important safety devices because they can help reduce downward movement, if not stop it. These are effective in free-fall situations, except when the problem is in the cylinders themselves.  

Runway Ramps and Chocks

Manual wheel chocks serve as the main mechanism that restrains vehicles from rolling off each end of the runway. For secondary restraint, there are automatic stops at the approach end. There are also fixed stops at the front.

Automatic Safety Locks

The powerful load holding systems are automated to engage and lock the lifting structure during operations. This prevents free fall when a suspension component fails. Better quality lifts have locks with 5 inches or less spacing. This offers more protection for both operators and bystanders.   These are some of the built-in safety features of Bendpak 4-post lift models. These features make Bendpak a popular choice among repair shops today.