Channeling the Wild West for Your Wedding

Every couple has their quirks and preferences. Some might prefer traditional and solemn ceremonies while others want out-of-the-box, fun weddings. Many like to blend the best of both worlds by keeping the wedding formal and adding flair to the reception or coming up with an extraordinary motif. One motif that can potentially balance the taste of the bride and groom is a western-style or rodeo-themed wedding.

Creating the Western Wedding Setup

Wedding organizers recommend a rustic location for a western-themed wedding, such as barns or ranches. Hay bales may sound unromantic, but with some nicely sewn lace or silk, they can be comfortable seats for your wedding guests. If the bride is up to it, riding a horse to the venue is as western as it gets. You can decorate whiskey barrels with some hay and wildflowers and put them all over the venue. Of course, these can all just be accents for your wedding if you still want a cleaner, more elegant vibe to be dominant.

Dressing the Part

Obviously, the bride would be wearing her wedding dress, but she can still participate in the theme by wearing corral boots to her western wedding. A.A. Callister confirms that corral boots are widely available in different styles that can match the bride’s dress or personality – can be embroidered, printed, or painted, you name it. The groom can also wear Corral boots and maybe even a paisley-printed tie. The guests can be more dressed down in country clothes and cowboy hats.

The American Wild West is an iconic 1800s style, and it makes for a highly customizable wedding theme. A lot of the decors for a wedding with this theme can even be handmade, and guests wouldn’t find it hard to don a pair of corral boots and a bandana or hat.