Body Image Issues: How Serious is it Among UK Teens?

Body image issues have become one of the fast-growing problems for teens today, but how serious is it? They already affect the level of happiness, confidence, and satisfaction.

It’s Everyone’s Problem – Including Men

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only the women who are bothered by the way they look. A survey conducted by Credos suggested body image is also a major concern among male teens.

At least 55 per cent of more than a thousand students from eight to 18 years old said they would consider changing their diet to improve their appearance. Meanwhile, 23 per cent thought there is a perfect body for men.

The consolation is boys tend to maintain their level of happiness, unlike girls. In the recent yearly report by Children’s Society, females feel more miserable over the last five years. Among those who are 10 to 15 years old, 14 per cent were general unhappy while 34 per cent were dissatisfied with their appearance.

The Power of Social Media

The Department of Education in the UK cited how, among the 30,000 teen students they talked to, one in every three female teens have mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. The department also revealed the incidence of mental health problems has increased by 10 per cent over the past 10 years.

While teens face a lot of pressure from school, home, and community, as well as deal with bullying, one of the biggest factors that contribute to this negative self-image is social media. It compels young ones to create and maintain a brand they believe others would approve.

What These Teens Need

It takes more than positive affirmations to help teens become more comfortable with how they look. To curb this negative self-perception, it requires consistent education, strong policies to prevent bullying, and a strong support system from the parents down to the media.

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