Tauranga Airport to Undergo $12.7M Development Project

An increased volume of Air New Zealand passengers in Tauranga led the city to expand its airport through a $12.7 million development plan.

The project for Tauranga Airport would also allow regional network operators to offer flights in and out of the city. It will expand the terminal area to 3,800 square metres, according to Tauranga Airport manager Ray Dumble. The expansion would feature a bigger lounger, a new check-in area, and a larger café among other facilities.

Ground-breaking Expansion

Dumble said that the project’s construction will begin in late October 2017 and will last until December 2018. Aside from new facilities, frequent flyers will also benefit from the expansion by reducing the walking distance from the terminal during boarding flights. It will also provide a better ‘first impression’ for the city, according to the Tourism Bay of Plenty.

If you want to travel in style, for instance, chartering a limo for hire in Tauranga is one option for a tour. Kath Low, Tourism Bay of Plenty head of marketing, said that the project comes at a right time when visitors that flew to the city increased in 2016. In that year, seat capacity on planes headed to the city increased by 80,000.

New Taxes

For first-time international visitors to New Zealand, you might need to pay a $25 tax aside from an existing $22 fee. The Labour Party proposed the new charges to fund an infrastructure and conservation fund.

As much as $75 million could be raised each year from the new tax. This will be used to help councils in upgrading infrastructure to handle tourism growth.

Tauranga’s airport project will sustain a growing number of people that fly to the city. There might be a new tax for international visitors to the country, yet this would likely not dampen interest among foreigners to book a trip.