A Look at the Different Types of Residential Water Wells

Wells differ in their standard depth, water quality and flow rate. If you want to create a water reservoir within your lot, it is crucial that you first outline your needs and objectives. Experts could help you choose the best facility for you, so you get to enjoy the benefits that wells and well water bring.

The local municipal health department can provide you with information about the quality of water in your area. Reliable well drillers such as Carlyle Drilling will then proceed to get the required state permits before they can begin to work on your site.

Below are the different types of residential water wells that you could consider:

Dug wells

Dug wells have been around for ages. Traditionally, they are dug manually, but thanks to technological advancements, they are now dug using electric pumps. Well drillers aim to reach a little beyond the aquifer’s top layer to ensure a reliable supply of water regardless of the season. Once the drilling is complete, the contractors then line the well with concrete tiles.

Driven wells

Driven wells are also referred to as sand points. Depending on the conditions in your area, choosing such a well can be economical. If there is groundwater within less than 30 feet from the surface, experts drive a small-width pipe using power tools to get to the aquifer. Driven wells are inexpensive, and in case you need a high supply of water, you could get two or three wells within the same lot.

Drilled wells

Drilled wells are the most modern kind of wells. They are dug using rotary drill equipment, and they provide a reliable supply of water. The drillers used can penetrate through hard rock. Depending on geological conditions within your site, the well could be one or two inches wider than the standard casting diameter. The hole would then be grouted using bentonite or cement.

The right service provider should be familiar with your local laws. He or she should also be well conversant with the terrain within your area. Make sure that you get personalized assistance that matches your specific needs.