New to the Industry: What Not to Do When Opening a Massage Therapy Business

There is a right way to open a business, and there is a wrong way. Here, we explore the inner workings of a massage therapy business and what you can do to make sure that it stays running for long. Massage therapy can be a great business, but Blossom Spa noted that it’s only true if you do all the right things.

What Things Exactly?

There are massage parlors in New York (or any other city for that matter) that made it big, but there are also some that failed. What happened to them and why did they fail? These might explain why:

No Word of Mouth or Advertising. Advertising gives you an advantage, but how frequently should you advertise? A lot, apparently. Many studies in guerrilla marketing revealed that an average person should hear or see ads about 49 times, and that’s something to consider.

Fail Customer Service. Customer service is a good investment regardless of the business. This is taking care of your precious clientele (in a way), which could take a long time to build.

Threatening Clientele. in a way. Speaking of clientele, why would you scare them away? Sometimes, massage parlors have penalties for “no-show” clients. While that can be a way of lessening no-shows, there are other better ways to do it. This includes reminding them of their appointments a few days before and on the day itself.

Total Change of Mind. Starting a business requires a lot of money. However, thinking that the services which helped your business grow are out of money is wrong. Instead, use your money wisely. Do your due diligence in finding good services that would give you maximum value for your money.

Aside from the above-mentioned tips, make sure that your equipment is complete. The same also goes for your lubricants as well as marketing materials. Having these ready, as well as incorporating these tips into your business practice, can help your small business grow into a big one for a long time.