Water Park Fun: Safety Rules for Kids

Water parks mean fun and a respite from the scorching weather. However, water could also mean danger, especially for smaller children, if parents fail to take the necessary precautions. Many kids suffer from injuries and fatality each year due to drowning. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure your kids’ safety and help ensure that they know the proper precautions they need to take when they’re by themselves:

  • Children, regardless of age and swimming skills, require constant supervision when they’re near or in water at all times. Toddlers and infants are particularly at risk since they could easily drown even in two-feet-deep water pools. That said, make sure they’re at arm’s length. Never assume that kids who could swim won’t drown because they could, and unfortunately, some do.
  • If you can’t swim, it’s best to at least take some basic swimming lessons. If you have kids older than four years old, it’s time they learn how to swim as well. In fact, why not learn together? Apart from the learning, it’s a good way to bond.
  • Dress smaller kids in flotation devices that are approved by the Coast Guard, even if they’re out of the water or just playing near the water. If you have kids that are younger than five, invest in a vest that has head support and straps between the legs for superior protection.
  • Be vigilant with sunscreen and reapplying. Protective clothing like rash guards, hats, and even sunglasses could also provide extra protection. Make sure to give your kids sufficient water to prevent them from getting dehydrated, too.
  • Be wary of water temperature. In general, between 82° to 86°F is comfortable for both kids and adults. It’s also vital to note that smaller kids tend to be cold quickly, so if your kid is shivering or experiencing muscle cramps, warm them up immediately.
  • If your kids are old enough, make certain that they fully understand the rules of the water park and the potential consequences for breaking them, advises Cliff’s Amusement Park and lifeguards from one of the most popular water parks in Albuquerque, NM.

Yes, water parks could be an enjoyable way to start the summer and stay cool throughout the hot season, but they come with specific risks. To that end, keep the abovementioned safety rules in mind when going on your water park adventures.