The 3 Ill-Effects of Oil Spills

Modern times have yielded modern problems. One of these is an oil spill. In 2016 alone, oil released into the environment due to unfortunate tanker calamities reached 6000 tonnes. Factor into this number all potentially unaccounted incidents of small-scale spills across the globe and you could approximate the staggering quantity of it all. The worst part? Oil spill’s effects cover a variety of concerns — environmental, economic, and public health and safety.

1. Environmental

Anything added to the environment that doesn’t originally belong to it causes harm to its surrounding ecosystem. This applies accurately to oil spill incidents.

Regardless of the spill-absorbent materials you use as a response measure, once a large quantity of oil has been accidentally released into the ocean, aquatic ecosystems, marshlands, and beaches, it automatically incurs damage. Argyle Commercial and other experts noted that the same could destroy wildlife breeding grounds and habitats.

2. Economic

If you think only the owners and proprietors of these tanker tanks incur an economic loss when an oil spill strikes, you’re sadly mistaken. Its effects trickle down the economic line. For instance, when ocean habitats are affected, the fishing industry is affected as well. If you belong to this industry, it means compromised harvest. If you’re a consistent consumer of ocean produce, it means higher retail prices at the market.

3. Public Health and Safety

When there’s an explosion of an offshore oil rig, an oil-covered ocean and a cloud of gas will follow. Both trigger hazardous byproducts in the form of fumes and gases that could be detrimental to your health. This is only one of the most publicised scenarios, however. Even a seemingly minor oil spill on a highway is a public safety issue.

Oil spills are avoidable. In instances when they happen, you must be ready. If you’re part of any response team, being equipped with all essential troubleshooting gear is important. If you belong to the immediate community where said spill occurred, being knowledgeable about what to do could save your life.