Trying Laser Hair Removal for the First Time? Here’s What You Should Know

Laser hair removal is a great alternative to waxing or shaving to remove unwanted hair. It’s more comfortable than other methods and provides a long-lasting result. If it’s your first time trying laser hair removal, there’s no reason to fear the process. It’s beneficial, however, to learn more about the procedure so you’ll know what to expect.

Here are the answers to the common concerns regarding laser hair removal:

What areas can be treated?

This can remove unwanted hair in facial areas, armpits, neck, and bikini line. It can also treat large body areas, such as chest, shoulders, back, arms, and legs. Smaller areas can be treated in just a few minutes, while larger areas may take a couple of minutes depending on the size.

Is it painful?

Most patients are likely to experience a slight stinging sensation, which is tolerable without any difficulty. Laser hair removal clinics in Utah note that the sensation is more comfortable than other removal methods, such as waxing, tweezing, and electrolysis.

What happens to the skin after the treatment?

Slightly reddening of the skin is a common reaction. This will subside and return to normal after a few minutes to a few hours. Note that this is not an invasive process, so you’ll not need any bandages. You can also return to your normal activities after the hair removal.

How many sessions do I need?

Most clients will require four to six treatments, but this may still vary from person to person or the treated area. Note that the results will also vary depending on different factors like hair type and hormones. Some will need fewer sessions while others will require more.

What can I expect after the session?

You’re likely to notice a reduction of hair, as well as weaker and finer hair strands on the first treatment. The results will be more desirable after each session, as you’ll have smoother skin and less visible hair pores. Be sure to keep up with your appointments.

Laser hair removal can target large areas and coarse hair without causing any damage to your skin. If you’re considering this procedure, visit a cosmetic surgery clinic to learn more about its benefits.