HGV Driving Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

One of the first few tips that you will get as a new driver is to learn to become a defensive one. This means you should be able to adjust to the size of your vehicle and make your turns, speed and stops based on your size.

People can easily do this when driving a car or even an SUV, but when it comes to big trucks and heavy goods vehicles (HGV), the concept of handling your vehicle goes to a completely different level. Various agencies hire HGV drivers to deliver goods from one point to another.

But being behind the steering wheel means taking on a whole lot of responsibility. As a driver, you are responsible not just for the goods that you are driving, but also for your own safety and those of other people on the road. Below are some ways you can prioritise safety when driving.

Defensive driver training

Defensive driving is important when you are behind the steering wheel. It is much more important when you are operating a huge vehicle. Updated and regular training is a must.

Regular inspection and maintenance

Before hitting the road, make sure you make several safety checks on your vehicle. Making it a habit to monitor the overall condition of your truck or HGV is one way to prevent mishaps from happening in the first place.

Rest when needed

Driving long straight roads in the wee hours of the night can make any person sleepy. Working more than your shift can also drain ones energy. When sleepiness and fatigue hit, do not fight it. Take a rest and drive again when you think you can.

It is better to suffer delay than to be in an accident because you fell asleep while driving.

Be a safe driver. Do not compromise on safety because every life is precious.