What is a Clear Bra and How Does It Protect Your Car?

Paint protection film, more commonly known as a clear bra, is a colorless plastic film made from a highly durable urethane material. Unlike a vinyl wrap, a clear bra is not meant to cover the whole exterior of a vehicle. Instead, it is placed strategically in areas that are susceptible to roadside debris and weathering such as the hood, fenders, bumpers, side mirrors, lower fascia, rocker panels, and other impact zones that are prone to damage.

Why should you install it on your car?

Every time you take your car for a drive, you expose it to common hazards, such as bug and roadside debris, that can chip or corrode your car’s paint. With a clear bra, you get to protect your car’s exterior from chipping, fading and scratching, say clear bra installation experts in Arizona.

A clear bra can last for a long time with proper care, but like any other material, it will eventually need a replacement. Fortunately, removal and replacement can be easily done without compromising the appearance of the original paint of the car as long as it was installed correctly in the first place.

Cost of paint protection film installation

A clear bra can be installed at stand-alone shops or dealerships. A mechanic may also install it for you. Professional installation of a paint protection film can range from $500 to $2,000. However, the final cost will largely depend on the size of the car, the type of clear bra used, location, and the company you choose. You may also do it as a DIY project, which will cost less. However, if you are not that familiar with clear bra installation, it is best you leave it in expert hands.

Clear bra installation is quite complex and it can cause air bubbles when improperly installed. Dirt and small particles can get into these air bubbles and cause significant damage to the paint of your car, which defeats the purpose of having a clear bra in the first place.