Why Dental Implants are the Best Alternative

When people have missing teeth or have gaps, many become self-conscious and shy. Many patients are concerned about their appearance, and very few know that a missing tooth affects their overall health.

You may think that one missing tooth is not much, but it can lead to adverse effects on your health.  Your jawbone and gums start to recede, which causes you to look older.

Missing tooth also affects the way you chew. People who are missing molars could avoid health food such as nuts, legumes, and even meat. Even if they eat these foods, they might be losing out on nutrients because they are not digested properly.

Fortunately, oral and maxillofacial surgeons can provide treatments such as dental implants for replacing missing or badly decayed teeth. These implants closely resemble natural teeth, and so they look and feel natural.

Why do you need a dental implant?

Dental implants are the treatment of choice for those who do not want the discomfort of dentures and bridges. Dentures can be more affordable, but it is inconvenient because of the need to remove it and clean it.

If the denture does not properly fit, it tends to fall or cause pain to your gums. A dental bridge is the next best thing, but it is dependent on natural teeth for support. Implants are infused into the jawbone and do not rely on surrounding teeth.

Dental implants can replace missing teeth without disturbing the nearby teeth. Since these are bonded to the bone structure and gum tissue, they are very stable and looks and feels like natural teeth.

Different uses for implants

Primarily, dental implants are for teeth replacement, but there are other dental procedures where implants can come in handy.

Due to its stability, it can be used to support a denture so it can provide a fit that is more secure and comfortable. As an orthodontic treatment, it can act as a temporary anchorage device until the teeth move into the proper position.

Dental implants are considered the state-of-the-art solution to replace missing or lost teeth. Ask your dentist if you are a good candidate for a dental implant, as it can resolve your dental woes and supports the natural development of bone.