Facial Chemical Peel: What You Need to Know

Facial chemical peels offer elimination and reduction of age spots, scars, wrinkles and freckles by removing the damaged topmost layer of your skin. This leaves you with a rejuvenated, soft and attractive skin.

The results of your facial chemical peel start showing shortly after the treatment since the body will automatically start the skin repairing process immediately. This article explores more about the cost of a chemical peel in London, who may be a candidate, and the medical considerations to take.


Patients who have light hair and fair skin are the best suited for chemical peel treatments. However, that does not mean that people with other hair colours or skin pigmentation cannot do it. You are considered as an ideal candidate only if you are in good physical health, you understand the procedure, and you have realistic expectations on the outcome. Since the different levels of chemical peel treatment provide different results, always consult with your doctor to identify the best option for you.

Medical considerations

For the best outcome, patients are not supposed to smoke a few weeks before and after the facial chemical peel treatment. Additionally, results will be better for patients who have no active skin infections, or those who have not taken the acne drug Accutane at least for the last one and a half years. If you have any cardiac problems, this treatment may not be well suited for you.


The overall costs of a chemical peel will vary from one doctor to other depending on the type of peel that you go for, the type and condition of your skin, among other factors unique to you. There may be additional expenses especially with the deep chemical peel, which include anaesthesia cost, utilizing the surgical facility, and time spent in case of a hospital stay. Light chemical peel treatments can cost you approximately 150 Euros while the more comprehensive procedures such as the deep peel may cost as must as 700 Euros.

Chemical peel treatment presents various benefits to your skin. These include restoration of a more youthful appearance, reduction of uneven pigmentation, blotchy patches, wrinkles, fine lines and sun damage. However, note that excellent results can only be achieved if you follow your doctor’s instructions.