Honoring the Memory of the Departed: Where Can You Scatter the Ashes?

If a decedent has chosen cremation, their relatives may wonder what to do with the ashes, or if there are restrictions on where to spread them. Thankfully, there’s almost nowhere they can’t go.

Cremation is the most popular type of funeral in the United States. It allows for more creative final resting grounds than a traditional cemetery, as you can scatter the ashes almost anywhere.

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Regulations Regarding the Scattering of Ashes

Public Parks

If the family wants to scatter ashes in any public park or public land, they should check the local city and county regulations to make sure they comply. As ashes are not toxic or infectious, they are allowed to be scattered in public places, but a permit may be needed.

Homes and Private Property

They can also be scattered on private land if you seek permission from the landowner. You can also keep the ashes in a private home and stored in an urn placed anywhere in the house. You can also conduct a scattering ceremony on the person’s lawn.

The Ocean

If the deceased liked the ocean, water sports, fishing, or sailing, another option is to scatter the ashes at sea. The Environmental Protection Agency forbids spreading them near beaches, swimming pools, or other areas that the public use.

They require 30 days’ notice and that the ashes be scattered at least three nautical miles from the beach front. To prevent pollution, you cannot throw the urn into the sea.

Burial of Ashes

You can also bury ashes. For local cremation, expert undertakers can help arrange a beautiful “burial” in the fields or wooded areas as part of an “eco funeral.” You can use rocks or trees as an alternative to headstones.

Cremation is a popular form of a funeral that gives relatives more flexibility on the type of memorial they would like for their loved ones. Limited regulations mean that you can scatter ashes just about anywhere.