Moving 101: How to Sort Through and Pack Up Your Kid’s Room

Although moving into a new house is thrilling, it might likewise be overwhelming for your kids. Packing up your stuff is challenging enough, but more so when it comes to sorting stuff and packing up your kids’ rooms. To make this task easier for you and your kids, consider the following tips.

The Special Toy Box

Give your kids a special box in which they could pack their favorite toys and let them decorate the box with markers, stickers, crayons, and so on. Tell them it’s their job to unpack these boxes upon arriving at your new home. This will keep them busy while you pack up the rest of their room.

Inform your moving van company that your kids’ special toy boxes are a top priority and must be the first boxes that have to be moved into your new home. This would give your kids something they could look forward to and help them get out of everyone’s way while unpacking.

Sorting Toys and Stuff

To avoid high emotions when sorting through your kids’ stuff, it’s best that you do it while they’re away or asleep, provided that they’ve already packed their special toy box.

If your kids are a bit older and more understanding, let them sort and pack their stuff by themselves and give them special boxes to put things in that they want to give away or donate.

The Essentials Bag

It’s easy to overlook the essential stuff your kids might need upon arriving in your new home, so make sure to pack a bag with all their necessities. This bag should contain a couple of changes of clothing, your kids’ favorite sleeping clothes, bed linens, and so forth.

Aside from making it easier for everyone to get the things they need for the very first night in the new house, this would also help your kids feel more comfortable and safe in your new home.

Lastly, don’t forget to tell your kids about the impending move before you even begin packing. They would need sufficient time to process this big change, and you need to give them ample time and space to do so.

If possible, bring your kids to the new home and drive around the neighborhood before the actual move, so they know to expect. If this isn’t an option — perhaps you’re moving across the country or overseas — look up photos of the new place online so your kids have some idea of your new home.