What to Look for in a Car Service Centre

Car service centres nowadays are far more accessible and easier to find. Engine tuning or panel beating services can now be easily sought with just a call or a text to the nearest shop.

Motor repair is very crucial in maintaining the overall condition of your vehicle. That’s why it helps to be selective in your choice of service centre. Before deciding on one, take a look first at some important elements of a dependable car service centre.

Service speciality

To start, you must consider the focus or speciality of the service centre. Know the type and size of your motor. If your need is for a small induction motor, for instance, you shouldn’t go to centres that cater to locomotive MG sets. Although there are now more shops that are generalists, meaning, they offer most repair services, be critical with the specific service that a shop offers.


A car service centre’s facilities tell how prepared it is in meeting your needs. There should be facilities that can handle every size of motor you may submit. There should be winding heads that can copy original winding patterns. A surge centre and a power supply must also be in place. There are other important facilities but to diagnose and verify correct repair, key tools must be available.


A repair staff who are experienced and knowledgeable is a significant factor in customer satisfaction. It is true that tools and machines tell how prepared a shop is to handle your needs, but a dedicated staff who can provide the perfect balance of service and advice are a gold find.

Work Procedures

An existing system of procedures on how services are done, from diagnostics to verification, is an evidence of quality service. Third party inspections, certifications and standards exist as guideline. Bearing fit standards, calibration records and testing procedures are just some of the guidelines that a quality-conscious shop must have.