Current Trends in the Use of Promotional Clothing for Marketing

Use of promotional products for marketing is an age-old strategy. In the wake of digital marketing, however, most companies feel that there is no need of investing in these products anymore.

They could not be more wrong. Promotional apparel and gifts still have a significant place in today’s marketing world.

Business promotional products offered by firms such as Giftfinder will however only give you a handsome ROI if handled well. The strategies of yesteryears will not cut it in the current cutthroat competition marketing circles.

Here are a few trendy strategies you can incorporate into your promotional clothing to break even.

Focus on Lifestyle

If your promotional apparel is only suitable for indoor wear, then this beats its objective. To maximise your brand’s visibility with apparel, focus on the recipient’s lifestyle. Polo t-shirts are, for instance, a good option for companies focusing on golfers and high-end clients.

For middle-class clients, hoods and sweatshirts might be the perfect option.

Integration of Various Designs

Simply placing your logo on clothes does not transform them into promotional products. Incorporate multiple cool graphics and designs in your apparel. You can choose to put the logo of your company on a private neck label and cool pocket rather than across the chest and back.

To allow incorporation of many designs, opt for dye sublimation.

Retail-Inspired Designs

The clothing you pick should reflect your market’s tastes. The best way to achieve this is to borrow from retail designs. Retail designs use downsized company logos on different clothing items. This strategy will improve the wearability of your pieces since it minimises the risk of your client feeling like a walking billboard advertising your brand.

The above strategies might seem to emphasise on your client instead of your brand. Remember, your primary objective with promotional clothing is to maximise its wearability.

Focusing on your client rather than the brand will hence maximise your chances of promotional clothing wearability and consequently brand visibility.