Nice Ways to Celebrate Your Store’s Anniversary

Your store’s anniversary is just like its birthday. After all, your business is like a child that you have seen grow through the years. And with that, it is only fitting that it gets the celebration it deserves.

With this milestone, there are actually a handful of ways you can celebrate your store’s anniversary. Basically, the sky’s the limit. All you need to do is run your imagination. It can even be a marketing campaign that will help bring in sales and increase brand awareness.

Without further ado, here are some of the pointers you need to keep in mind:

Give away freebies

You could give away freebies that will help in improving your brand’s recognition. Among them include t-shirts, umbrellas, notebooks, and even flash drives. This should not be a problem because surely there is a promotional products agency out there that can attend to your needs.

Offer discounts

The anniversary is also a good time to get rid of excess inventory. You can give them away at discount prices. The discount may even be thematic — following the number of years of your business. You may also choose to give a separate set of discounts to some of your loyal customers.

Release a new product

To save money and time, your store’s anniversary can eclipse the release of a new product or service. That way, you get to attract more people, both loyal customers, and prospects.

Just make sure that the theme of the launch is consistent with the theme of the anniversary. You have to see to it that one will not overpower the other.

Celebrate your business’s anniversary in style. Spread the word about it by using hashtags, so that you can easily follow what people are talking about you. You may also hire an events marketing agency to make things happen.