New Homeowner’s Guide in Creating a Child-Friendly Yard

Along with your new house comes a large lawn or backyard and your children are jubilant. Yes, it can be a great playground for them once you put everything in order and child-friendly. Of course, they will not need to wait too long for a major makeover of the yard if you start with these immediate concerns first.

Reduce Hazards

Your primary concern is for your children’s well-being so remove possible dangers in your yard before anything else. Clear out the rubbish and equipment in the area. See to covering up watery areas as toddlers can drown in even just a few inches of water.

Call professional tree stump grinding services in Tauranga to remove stumps that can endanger your kids. However, do not completely “sanitise” the area. See which rocks, vegetation and trees that you can keep for your children’s play and enjoyment.

Designate Areas

Plan your backyard with short-term and long-term plans in mind. Assign areas for the garden, the pool, the picnic area and the playground accordingly. It does not matter if you do not have the materials and resources to make changes at once when you subdivide your yard.

As long as the children are clear on which places are reserved for them, they will be aware of the space that they can focus their play and activities on.

Encourage Personalisation

Do not consider the playground as your kid’s exclusive territory. Reserve a spot for your child’s plot if you have a vegetable or flower garden planned out. Design a space for them in your outdoor guest lounge, picnic area or deck.

Assign a space for their child-sized tools in the garden shed. This would teach them how to be responsible early in life without removing the pleasure of enjoying the yard.

It is healthy for kids to enjoy the greenery, the sunshine and the fresh breeze in a child-friendly yard. However, do remember to spend time with them in the garden too. After all, it is the perfect place to make memorable connections that can last you all a lifetime.