Before the Big Day: The Bride’s Guide to Beauty Rituals

Every bride wants to look her best on the big day. The wedding marks the start of a new season in life, so it’s but proper to welcome it with beauty and grace.

But the road to looking your best isn’t that easy. That perfectly toned body and glass skin aren’t an overnight thing. Beauty belongs to brides who hustle. No need to panic or go on full bridezilla mode though. To make things easier for you, listed here are the beauty rituals to do before the wedding day to make sure you look your best:

Work Out

Most brides want to look as thin as possible to fit in their size 0 wedding dresses. But there’s no beauty to looking skinny if you look tired and malnourished yourself. Besides, the size 0 wedding dress is so last (last) season, with more and more brides embracing and loving their bodies. The trend now is to go edgy on wedding dresses, as Salt Lake City wedding gown designers have seen.

The bottom line is when you do make that decision to work out, do it for your health and for that extra happy mood (science says exercise induces endorphins, which makes you feel good) not just to look skinny. Pilates is a good routine, as it improves core strength and stretches those muscles.

Get Waxed

This is a must for brides, especially those hitting the beach with their husbands for their honeymoon. You don’t want stray hairs peeking out, do you? If you’re going full Brazilian, Midvale wax specialists at His & Her’s Waxing say it’s ideal to have it two days before the wedding day. That is, if you’ve been regularly getting waxed. But if it’s your first time, book your appointment at least two weeks before the wedding day.

With Brazilian, it’s a guarantee there won’t be any hair on the entire front of your bikini area, making your skin clear and soft.

Give Your Skin Some TLC

The perfect make-up depends on proper skin care. Remember, your skin is going to be the canvas, so it’s important to keep your skin healthy.

Start your beauty regimen by going to a dermatologist and have your skin checked. Ask your dermatologist for products you can use to maintain a young, supple, and clean skin.

Looking your best on your wedding day indeed requires effort. But you don’t have to be a bridezilla through all this. Keep calm, be diligent in following these beauty rituals, and it will all be worth it.