In-Home Senior Care: Does Your Loved One Need It?

Seniors value independence a lot, as it is sometimes the only thing they feel they can control. While it is important to help an aging loved one remain independent, it is also advisable to recognize when they need help. This is to keep them safe or prevent them from hurting themselves at home.

Sometimes, making modifications at home is enough. This means installing automatic lights and rails in the bathroom. These may help, but there are just times when a loved one needs a helping hand to carry on with their daily lives. You can consider senior care, especially if that family member has limited mobility or has special medical needs.

In-home senior health care service providers in Yonkers share other signs you need to look out for:


If your loved one has had more accidents than the usual, having an in-home care could address this issue and develop a plan to reduce accidents, especially at home. This is especially true for falling and tripping at home.


An elderly loved that has been eating less or more can be a symptom of another underlying health issue like anxiety or depression. An in-home care service can help make sure that proper meals are not missed or even identify if a change in diet is due to another health problem.

Dirty home and poor personal hygiene

A cluttered home can encourage accidents, especially if belongings are scattered in the doorways, hallways, and entryways. It could also be a symptom of another health issue, which could be the same if there has been a decline in personal hygiene like forgoing bathing or re-wearing dirty clothes.


In-home care provides aid and workers cannot just administer medication, but they can help make sure that your loved one is taking their medicines appropriately. This is particularly helpful if there were instances when medications are forgotten or when your loved one has taken more than what is prescribed.

While you or another family member can take care of an aging loved one, you can also get help if necessary. An in-home senior care is one great option, as many elderly wishes to continue to live in the same house even after their needs have changed.