(Not a) Gray Area: Why You Should Have a Gray Kitchen

Color palettes in kitchens matter. Not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for creating the mood you want to have in this space. Warmer hues make people excited to eat, which explains why this is common in family homes where parents encourage kids to gobble up. Cooler tones, on the other hand, give off a relaxing feeling. Thus, they are perfect for people who want their friends to lounge around after a hearty dinner.

Gray color schemes in kitchens have become popular. It’s not surprising because gray is timeless. Here are other reasons why homeowners are making their kitchens gray:

Gray Is Versatile

With its neutral hue, how can it be versatile? Gray has a lot of shades, and unlike other colors, it has warm and cool undertones, such as bluish gray, charcoal-rich gray, cool gray, even greige (gray and beige). Because of the wide variety of options for this color, you can find one that would match your home’s style and personal taste. In addition, you can mix and match different shades of gray to create visual variety in the space.

Gray Conceals the Unsightly Stuff

Sure, white cabinets are pleasant to look at, but when there’s a tiny black smudge, the illusion is broken. With grays, that unpleasant stuff is masked. Thus, if you’re planning to get new storage furniture for your kitchen, you might want to try gray, ready-to-assemble cabinets.

Gray Complements the Look of Kitchen Features

Most contemporary kitchens have marble or solid countertops because these are the most durable choices today. When paired with gray cabinets, the entire look is aesthetically pleasing. Some homeowners also match gray cabinets with butcher blocks, and it instantly completes that rustic-meets-modern vibe.

Gray could be the perfect color for your kitchen. Try adding it little by little, starting with your appliances and hardware. You’ll see for yourself if gray is the right color for you.