The Best Tires for Everyday Driving

If you’re just an average driver going to and from work with no aspirations of going fast and furious — you might be surprised on what tires best suit your driving needs. For tire longevity, ride quality, and overall bang for your buck — you should consider switching to all-weather tires.

They Last Twice as Long

In Miami, where it feels like summer all year long, people are using all-weather tires — and there’s a reason! Compared to summer tires, all-weather tires can last up to 2 times longer. That’s around 30,000 extra miles of driving before switching tires.

Of course, you lose a bit of traction and grip — but it’s hardly noticeable if you aren’t doing crazy maneuvers with your car at high speeds. If you’re not racing, you probably don’t need that extra traction for those sharp corners.

It’s a Smoother Ride

All-weather tires provide a smoother and quieter ride. The softer and deeper treads that make the tires last longer also makes driving a bit smoother. You’ll get a much more peaceful journey, especially when driving around the city or going on short getaways with the family.

It’s the Smart Choice

Summer tires do give you a bit better fuel efficiency compared to all-weather tires. However, tires are expensive, and you’ll burn whatever you save on fuel on how soon you change your tires. Having tires that last longer means fewer trips to the shop for switching or outright replacement.

All-weather tires also delay — if not eliminate — the need to switch to snow tires when traveling on snow covered roads.

Tire longevity, ride quality, and practicality make all-weather tires the best choice for everyday driving.