3D Printing Applications Entrepreneurs should Explore

3D printing opens many business opportunities. Small businesses or startups, in particular, can leverage the technology to build a name as a trustworthy 3D printing service provider.

Fortunately, coming up with enough capital for an online-based 3D printing business is no longer as tough as when the equipment wasn’t widely accessible. In fact, you can now buy good quality, entry-level 3D printers for nearly the same price as some mobile phones.

If you’re new to 3D printing and are exploring the market, you can take advantage of free online classes. Some universities, colleges, and 3D industry professionals also conduct training sessions. Consider focusing on rapid prototyping or producing custom models. They are two popular applications of 3D printing technology that you can cash in on.

Product Prototyping

As a 3D printing service startup, you can provide functional product prototypes. Small- and medium-sized businesses need prototypes to test the quality and design of any product. You can also market your services to students who are conceptualising products and need to provide a proof of concept for their projects or thesis.

3D printed prototypes allow businesses and students to save time and money. It also lets them check for design issues and make corrections before the mass production or submission phase. Take note, however, that maintaining product prototyping clients rely heavily on your turn around time and product quality.

Custom Batch Production

Businesses or individuals who value custom or intricate models, such as wedding vendors and jewellery designers, are great potential 3D printing clients. Partnering with established small- or medium-sized entrepreneurs ensure a steady flow of income. The low-volume batch production also means you wouldn’t strain your startup business to meet their demands.

3D printing other people’s products is an excellent option if you’re not artistically-inclined. However, if you have 3D design skills, you can also consider selling small batches of your own 3D printed models online.

The 3D printing service industry may still be young but is quickly becoming a competitive sector. So, capitalise on the opportunity to enter the market while you can. Keep in mind: the keys to succeeding as a startup are to focus on your efficiency, quality, and variety of products and printing materials.