A Patient’s View of the Dentist in Liverpool

One of the things that a good dentist in Liverpool will do is put themselves in the position of their patients. Otherwise, it’s easy for them to get caught up in the technicalities of dentistry and forget that they may have patients who are not so comfortable with all the processes involved.


Just as the first bite of food is with the eye, the first perception of a dentist in Liverpool, like Liverpool Smile Studio, is in the waiting room. If the area is clean, calm and well-kept, it immediately inspires confidence. The patient needs to be greeted by friendly, competent staff who can let them know what they need to do and where to go. Confusion or uncertainty at this point can get the visit off to a bad start. No one wants to feel like they don’t know what’s going on when they visit somewhere for their health and yet few people feel comfortable articulating their issues if they are not prompted to do so.

Starting check-up or treatment

The dentist and their dental nurse are there to listen as well as to offer a check-up and treatment. They know that a lot of the information they need for a successful procedure comes from their patient, so they might start with open questions to find out how someone is feeling and what they expect from their appointment. It’s important for patients to feel that they can be open at the dentist.

A dentist will try to be as gentle as possible with their patients. However, a little discomfort is sometimes inevitable especially in the event of sensitive gums or teeth. The dentist should prepare their patient for any discomfort and they may even arrange a signal so that someone can signal if they need a break during treatment.


The dentist will normally give someone advice on adjusting their at-home care to prevent further issues. They may even supply equipment such as toothpaste or interdental brushes to assist with this.

If further treatment is required, they will let their patient know what is needed so that they can book in with the administration team. This is a good time for someone to ask any questions about their teeth.

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