The Odd Couple

What does the term ‘cosmetic dentist in Harley Street’ bring to mind? Many will focus on the ‘dentist’ part of that phrase: a medical professional who works in a clinical environment that can be, at times, a bit scary. Someone who makes sure their patients are kept free from dental disease and, if needed, can repair and restore their teeth in the name of good oral health.

How about for those that home in on the ‘cosmetic’ aspect of the equation? In that case, images of beauticians, face lifts, long, shiny nails and non-essential, treatments for the appearance may pop up. How do these two strange bedfellows live together then? Well, a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street can offer the best of both worlds: treatments that enhance the smile with proven dental techniques. And while this does take place in a dental practice, such as Harley Street Dental Clinic, the modern surgery can feel more like someone’s front room, rather than the cold, clinical environments of old.

Anyone stepping into the waiting room of a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street today will find comfy sofas, plasma screen TVs, refreshments, free Wi-Fi, up-to-date magazines and fresh flowers, all maintained by warm and welcoming reception staff.

The administration staff will often be able to offer an initial treatment consultation, where they talk through with patients what treatments are on offer, what conditions they address and how much they cost. They will also ask patients what their goals are and what they would like the end result to be. If, for example, someone needs a quick fix for a wedding in a few weeks’ time, it’s a different set of options to someone who is looking for a long-term correction for their wonky teeth.

A whole host of issues can be fixed by the cosmetic dentist in Harley Street, including: chipped, cracked, stained, wonky, broken and missing teeth, and gummy and uneven smiles. Two or more treatments can be combined for a full smile makeover, for patients wanting to transform their look. This can also be supplemented at many practices with a facial aesthetics treatment. This gives the facial skin a non-surgical lift.

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