When Should You Go to an Urgent Care Center

Whenever you need medical attention, you can choose to go to your primary care physician, the nearest emergency room, or an urgent care center. As of 2014, more than 9,000 critical care locations have been established across the United States. This has helped lessen the load on emergency rooms. Before going to Eagle Mountain’s medical centers, patients should first determine whether their condition is life-threatening or chronic.

Going to an Urgent Care Center

When you go to an urgent care center, the medical staff will help you as best they can. After being stabilized, the patient goes to the ER if necessary. There are criteria for physician care, urgent care, and emergency room admittance. If the patients have scheduled vaccines or tests for sexually transmitted infections, they should visit their primary care physician. If the patients have cuts and lacerations, they should go to an urgent-care center. Patients should immediately go to an emergency room if they have broken or protruding bones, a severe allergic reaction, or heart palpitations. If the primary care physician’s office is closed, the next best option is to go to an urgent care center.

More Affordable Treatment

Nurse practitioners in urgent care centers are under the supervision of board-certified doctors. The nurse practitioners treat the patients, and this allows more people to be treated anytime. The doctor is called in to look at severe conditions. This leads to more affordable medical bills compared to emergency rooms.

Urgent care centers provide medical care services that are safe. Thus, the patients are not in any danger of immediately dying from the injury or medical condition.