3 Ways to Get Rid of Field Ants on Your Farm

Ants are often harmless, but they can be a nuisance, especially when it comes to growing plants and crops. As a farm owner, you might have dealt with field ants before. If they are still causing you and your field a lot of trouble, then it might be time to act on it. Specialists from rapidspray.net shares some tips for getting rid of those annoying field ants fast:

Use a Pesticide

Use a pesticide to kill the ants and saturate the ant mound. The colony’s queen is the one making the ant population rise, which is why it’s important to kill it. Be sure to get the pesticide working at least two to three feet below the ground so that the ants, including the queen, are all eliminated. You can also increase the amount of water to make sure that the insecticide penetrates the hole mound.

Work on Your Home as Well

If you live near your farm, then you have to make sure that your home stays clean as well. Check your house and see to it that there are no cracks or gaps on the wall, as the ants can make their way through these open spaces. Check your pipes, wires, doors, and window frames as well to make sure that no ants will be able to enter through them.

Repeat the Process

Some ants may have been out foraging somewhere else during your first field saturation, so you might need to repeat the process a couple of times. It will take about a couple of days to completely get rid of the ants and to keep your crops and plants safe, so be patient and just repeat the whole process.

Ants are generally harmless, although they can affect your source of income at some point. Know when to act and what to do to make sure that your crops stay healthy.