Three Ways to Find Out if Now’s the Perfect Time to Hire an SEO Expert

Nowadays, the question is no longer about whether to hire an SEO (search engine optimization) firm in Jupiter because, well, you should. This statement may seem vague, but do these things and find out for yourself. Think of these as a simple test to influence your decision.

1. Search for your brand name.

Do a simple search of your brand name. Open an incognito Chrome window because a logged in Gmail account may affect the search results. In the search bar, fill in your brand name. If your brand is nowhere near the first page, even your social pages, it’s high time to hire an SEO company.

2. Search for your main product or service.

In some instances, the brand name won’t appear in the search results, especially if it is a peculiar name. Do a product or service search. Without any SEO effort, your primary product or service should appear in the results pages. Now if it does not appear in the results pages, that’s a clear sign that you need to optimize your landing pages, which an SEO provider can help you with.

3. Do a site search.

This is the most crucial. If you have a website, but it won’t appear when you do a product or brand name search, something is terribly wrong with your SEO. A site search will help you determine whether the search engines can access your website. Key in “site:” in the search bar. Your website should appear as the first result. If not, well, you know what to do.

The value of obtaining SEO services in your business’s profitability cannot be emphasized enough. However, some companies tend to get confused about whether they should hire an SEO expert. If you’ve done the searches identified above but failed to find brand-relevant results, now is the perfect time to hire an SEO provider.