Home Design 101: 3 Style-Savvy Solutions for Common Space Dilemmas

When you see a well-designed home, for instance, at a renovation TV show, it feels like it’s such a breeze to renovate your own space. But the truth is, regardless of the space you’re working on, you’re bound to encounter some design challenges that will leave you asking, ‘what do I do with this space?’

Here are common space dilemmas you may run into in your remodelling project and ways you can tackle them like an interior design pro:

Small Rooms

The goal here is to make the illusion of a bigger space. You can do this with a smart colour palette choice. Light hues make the space look bright, so you can see each corner of the room, making you feel like you have a lot more usable area. Of course, the top choice for light hues is white. But don’t go white all the way, as the space may also look flat. Add depth by playing on different shades of white and adding texture in materials, such as having whitewashed wood floors or stone walls.

Open Layouts

Small isn’t good, but too big of a space can also be a problem. When you have an open floor plan, it’s difficult to know where to start since you have no walls guiding you. You’re responsible for creating zones for this layout. Box off rooms, say install aluminium glass sliding doors or wood slat dividers, which will separate specific zones in the house. Bookshelves or cabinets are also good dividers.

Unused Space

These areas are unsightly as they feel empty and unfinished. More than that, they’re wasted space. Those little corners, such as that space under the stairs, can be a mini reading nook. Install upholstered seating and provide shelves for books and whatnot. You can also build slide-out drawers for extra storage. If you have furry friends at the house, this unused space can be turned into a snooze area for them.
Remember, behind every space dilemma is an opportunity for creative design that will bring out a more aesthetic appeal for your home. Accept the challenge and tackle it like a pro.