3 Furniture Pieces You Need to Begin Your Shared Office Business

Co-working is beginning to be the norm rather than the exception in many different parts of the world. It is no different in the UK. In fact, in the recent Co-working 2018 report, flexible workspace lettings now comprise over 20% of all commercial leases in Central London. That is about 2.5 million of square feet.

It is also a lucrative business, especially if your space is in popular cities such as Bristol, Cardiff, and Birmingham. On the average, the rent increased by 10% from 2016 to 2017. This also means that the market is competitive. For you to stand out, you need to be smart not only with your advertising strategies but also with your space design. You can do that by investing in the following furniture pieces:

1. Boardroom Tables

One or two meeting rooms are a fixture in several co-working spaces these days. It also works to your advantage as you can lease the area for other activities besides meetings. For that, though, you need to have the perfect meeting room tables. Lucky for you, you can have mobile or agile tables, as well as modular ones.

2. Ergonomic Chairs

Chairs are a significant investment for your business, so you should look for those that are comfortable to sit on for long periods. They must also be easy to adjust to accommodate the different sizes of the user. For this reason, always opt for the ergonomic chairs. They do not come cheap, but they provide the best value for money.

3. Lounges

One of the distinct characteristics of a co-working space is its promotion of collaboration. This explains why they tend to have a more open office layout. This also means that you may want to add lounges, nooks, benches, or ottomans where people can converge and talk freely.

These three items are only the beginning. You need to have great lighting and excellent space design as well. Once you have all these elements, you are on your way to getting your own share in the big market.